Michael Pell



As an experienced teacher, Michael offers a diverse range of speaking packages tailored to any curriculum or topic of interest. With a wealth of knowledge in subjects such as Primary Classroom, Health and Physical Education (Years F-10), Science, Wellbeing, VCE Health and Human Development, VCE Physical Education, and VET VCE Sport Recreation, Michael brings a unique perspective to his presentations. Engage your audience and enhance their learning experience with Michael’s expertise.


Michael uses his knowledge being involved in the AFL and the intense media scrutiny he was under to relate it to the vast array of challenges that come with being in a corporate environment.

The corporate world can be an unforgiving one, much like that of the life of being an AFL umpire!


MP Entertainments is your one-stop destination for exceptional entertainment. With Michael Pell as your keynote speaker, your next big event will be a resounding success. Michael’s captivating background story of becoming an AFL umpire and the numerous challenges he has faced along the way will provide a headline act that will leave your audience inspired and wanting more. Schedule a consultation with Michael today to make your event unforgettable!

sporting club

With a lifelong connection to sporting clubs, Michael possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities they present. He has an innate ability to grasp what drives clubs and their members, particularly when it comes to complex issues like addiction, mental health, and gambling, especially among young men.

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